Tuesday, November 24, 2015


So the new thing is that we only have 1 hour on the internet so this will be short.

We had a good week with a division and the primary program at church! It was a good turnout and the primary kids did a very good job. It was funny to see the parents crying and the kids so well behaved. Usually its the other way around! hahah :)

But we had another miracle with Josefa at church. We had invited a bunch of people to church because of the primary program but when we got there no one had come. But after the sacrament walks in Josefa! She loved the program and found a few of her friends that are members. We have been working for a while with her and she is super excited to follow Christ in everything she does.

We will go to Estancia this week and it will be a party! haha but it will be super fun to go to the beautiful city of Estancia and see Sister Saturnino and other great sisters!

The transfer is already ending and we are preparing ourselves for the leadership council and Christmas conference in the beginning of December! November is almost gone and it only started yesterday.

I love you all lots. Stay strong. Know that we are where we should be. 

Sister Helm

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