Friday, November 20, 2015

Well, the mission is flying by too fast. I am finally getting the hang of

We had a great Saturday with Vitoria´s baptism! It was super spiritual and
I tried not to cry too much. It was so amazing to see the difference the
church has made in her life. Sister Lopez wasn´t there and it was a bit
sad. But the huge smile on Vitoria´s face was the best. I was talking with
her afterward and I told her that she inherited a huge family. The members
are loving her!

I am so grateful for the gospel. It sure is great to have the opportunity
to be like Christ in everything that we do. I am so grateful to represent
Him every day here in Brazil.

We have a ton of stuff to do. We are jumping right into it with a zone
conference tomorrow and a division the day after. It will be great!

Sister Barbosa and I have already gotten ready for Christmas! We decorated
the house and put up our paper tree that Aunt Wendy sent me last year
(thank you!) It has the house looking very festive.

Wooo for missions!

Sister Helm

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