Wednesday, March 4, 2015


That´s right. I have been on a mission for 5 months. The mission is already
flying by and it´s getting me worried. I don´t want to leave! a

So this week was good. We didn´t have as much rain so the work was much
better. We found and taught some awesome families and we had an
investigator at church yesterday! It was great and we´re working hard to
bring those souls to Christ.

I am loving my companion. She is the best daughter a missionary could ask
for. Also she´s brazilian so what else could I ask for??? haha but really
she is great.

The sun is still really hot and the food is still really good. I have been
learning some brazilian dishes I will definitely make for you all. The
members here are still amazing and are the ones teaching me how to be a

We taught a family this week about the Plan of Salvation. It is a young
couple and a little 6 month old baby. The father is more interested than
the mother but we are working on it! The best part was his face when we
told him he could be sealed to his wife and son for forever. Those are
truly the best times.

We taught a couple that is soooo cool. They are 70 years old mais or menos.
They have one son. He was baptized in the church when he had 13 years,
served a mission in Sao Paulo, married in the temple, studied at LDS
business college and now is living in Canada with his family. Yup. The
couple we taught (his parents) are staunch Baptists but are incredibly nice
and receptive. We are going to have FHE with them and a family in the ward

We taught another family that is awesome! The best part was when they told
me they understood everything I said and so that was nice of them. We
talked about the Book of Mormon with them and we´re excited to see what
happens next!

We are teaching a woman that is amazing and she will hopefully be baptized
on the 14. She is a bit depressive because of hard things that happened in
her life before but she always smiles when we visit and at church yesterday
with her it was great!!

As you can see, I love this work. I love this church and I love my Savior.
I know that we can receive revelation through the scriptures. I love you
all with all my heart!! Eu amo voces para sempre!

Com amor,
Sister Helm

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