Sunday, March 22, 2015

Esta semana

Another week come and gone. Each day is incredibly long but the weeks fly.
(Don´t ask me how that makes sense.)

The work continues on.

So yesterday we woke up to rain. A lot of rain. When we were walking to
church and we crossed the river, I mean road, I was thinking about our
investigators and if they would be able to make it to church with all this
RAIN. We arrived in the church soaked and a little bit disheartened.
Luckily, it stopped at about 9:45 and we called them and they still wanted
to come. Amazingly a member offered to get our investigators with her car
and we rushed down to get them and mangaged to fit 9 people in a 4 door
sedan. (yes illegal!)

So that was our miracle. This family we are teaching is amazing! They have
7 children and 6 are girls! The dad likes to run and he has a bunch of
medals he won. We are teaching the 3 oldest girls and the mom right now and
they said they want to be baptized! Yeah! Also blessing upon blessing the
mom and dad are married legally! Yay! The girls are so cool and can´t wait
to get started on Personal Progress.

I am doing well here. I love Eduardo Gomes and I am not looking forward to
transfers at the end of April. I will probably leave here :´(.

Our other investigators are progressing. They didn´t make it to church
yesterday but we will keep working with them and helping them!!

I don´t have any scary bug stories right now but yesterday we were walking
and then passed a guy who just casually had a massive lizard on the end of
a string.(this is normal by the way). Why is everything here massive? It
was already dead so that was good but not good when he told us that here
has a lot and they like to attack. yay.

I am continually amazed by Brazil. The people are great! How blessed I am!
My testimony is strengthened every day. Thank you for your prayers and

*I know this church is true. *

I love you all so much!
Sister Helm

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