Monday, March 9, 2015

Woop for the Mission

Well another week passes. Brasil hasn´t changed much. It was a quiet week.

I have one story I have to share about a......SPIDER

We were in the house of a recent convert and had just taught a lesson and
we´re preparing to leave when all of a sudden I turn around and there is a
massive spider on the wall right behind me. And I mean massive! Like, the
size of my palm! What?! And everyone was so chill I got up really fast and
moved to the other side of the room and my companion was like ooohh oohh
can we take it home with us and I was like HECK TO THE NO WE CANT.  and our
recent convert and her dad were just like oh she´ll leave soon

Well that´s my story.

This week we taught a mother of three daughters and she has another on the
way (7 months). They have almost nothing. For breakfast that day they ate 1
egg. 4 and a half people and only 1 egg. She came to church and we are
hoping we can get some people in the ward to help us help her.

Sister Lopez (not from the MTC) went home this week. It was pretty sad but
all´s good. She is awesome and I´ll see her at BYU when I get back. She was
a great example to me and helped me soooo much with everything!

We had a surprise party for her with the ward this week. Literally everyone
in the ward knew about it...but not her! It was awesome!

I really love Brasil. I love this work and I love all of you. You guys are
the best and keep up the good work there!

Love you all!!

Sister Helm

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